History and news about the Torboli Company

The company is located in the town of Tenno on the smooth hills north of Lake Garda

1903: The story began in Riva del Garda, at the time of the Hapsburg Empire. It was here that Carlo Torboli, married to Benazzoli Valeria, in 1903 built the Vilpiano Hotel, an inn with a winery in viale Roma.

“Make wine for our customers” was the noble intention of our forefather.

1946: The thirty-year-old son of Carlo, Carlo Torboli (second generation) bought Villa Iole, also in Riva del Garda, where he started his own business.

1949: With the expansion of the business, Carlo Torboli had acquired the property that became the winery in Viale Vannetti, scene of major and international events in the 60s. With his wife Anna and his sons Graziella, Gino, Livia, Giulietta, Mariuccia, Umberto and Giovanni he went on to develop his activity.

1961: This was the year in which the new and modern Winery was launched. In addition to all the avant-garde equipment, the storage cellar has been standing out for the realization of a mosaic with allegorical images of the harvest that completely covers the walls . A true work of art created by the Musiva School of Art in Milan.

1961-1976: In the '60s and' 70s, on the wave of the economic boom, the company developed internationally through events in Holland, Belgium, England and Germany, until the highlight event of the Miss Europe election held in Riva del Garda. In addition to the international expansion, Carlo received visits to the winery from countless illustrious guests such as Mike Buongiorno, Bruno Vespa, Emilio Fede, Miss Monica Garret, Altobelli and Becalossi players of Inter, the Minister of Posts Spagnolli etc.

1976: On November 17, 1976 Carlo Torboli died prematurely, leaving his wife Anna and all their children in the deepest pain.

1985: The large Winery in viale Vannetti was sold. Umberto Torboli (third generation) decided to continue the family tradition. With the indispensable help of his wife Gabriella they started again in a small cellar in Arco. Both were determined to maintain the quality, processing methods and the spirit of the previous generations.

1990: Umberto Torboli and his wife Gabriella built a new Cantina in Tenno and founded the Torboli Vini SNC

1992: A collaboration with Dr. Lovat for the production of natural wines without sulfites was born, using an innovative and unique technology in the world

For more information visit Cantinenaturali.it

1998-2012: The sons Carlo and Christian, the fourth generation of Torboli, after having worked for years in the family business decided to focus on a new product line mainly based on liquors.

2012: Given the success of the new initiative, Carlo and Christian opened their company: Torboli C & C srl, and bought the building next to Torboli Vini SNC. The fledgling company has been specializing in the production of liquors, keeping the spirit that inspired the previous generations unaltered.